Ride Rules 

1.    Dogs must be under control at all times.


2.    No camp fires.


3.    Weed-free or local hay only.

4.    No sponging out of water troughs.

5.    Park with 25' between rigs.


Please see the COVID specific page for further

compliance instructions

                        Tentative Schedule


Ride Meeting: Via Zoom, Wednesday evening 4/28

Rider packets will be emailed the week of the ride. Please print or download all trail maps and information before departing for the CCRR.


Registration: As you pull into camp show proof of full vaccination or negative test. Proceed to the next tent to check in, then park. 
Vet In Starts: 2 pm until dark.
Ride Meeting: No in person meeting at camp. Instead it will be via ZOOM, Wednesday evening 4/28


Start Times:

50 milers start at 5:30 am
25 milers start at 7:30 am

Intro Riders start at 10 am


Pick up your completion award after passing the final vet check. There is no dinner provided by the ride for COVID precautions and no awards ceremony this year. We look forward to hosting a big banquet and awards again post pandemic.

Control Judges


Dr. Rob Lydon, DVM, Head Vet                                                     Dr. Jerry Gillespie, DVM


Dr. Corey Harms, DVM                                                                  Dr. Jamie Kerr, DVM                                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Jeanette Mero, DVM                                                                Dr. Melinda Newton, DVM


Dr. Natalie Sundstrom, DVM                                                          Dr. Marcia Smith, DVM               


Dr. Jamie Kerr and Dr. Jerry Long at the pre-ride meeting.                                          

L to R: Diane Taylor, Dr. Jerry Long, Pam Stalley, and Dr. Wally Lieberman at the Judge Davis Vet Check. 


The Cache Creek Ridge Ride is hosted by the Stalley family on BLM lands west of the town of Williams. It is a scenic ride through golden oats, green oak trees, and rippling creeks. The ride was established in 2009 and has been held each year since. (There was no ride in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) There are some very important groups who assist with the ride each year. Rick Littlefield and his team of AMAZING radio operators have ensured the health and safety of our riders each year. There is also great support from local first responders with representatives from Williams Fire, Yoche Dehe, and Cal Fire on site each year. 

There are beautiful vistas of the surrounding mountains as well as Cache Creek and Bear Creek below. There are creek crossings as well as water troughs along the way. Temperatures at CCRR can run from the low 70's to the low 100's.  


For 2021: The Global Pandemic coming under some level of control, so with great abundance of caution, vaccines, and public health safety protocols, our sport started crawling back with the 2021 ride season. Drought has taken it's toll on our ponds which we use for filling troughs along the inner ranch trails, so water will be even more precious this year, and we will have to haul it in with water tanks on trailers.

For the 2021 Ride there are no crews allowed. 

NOTE: There is no cell phone service in camp!


Phone 530-473-5882

Email pstalley@yahoo.com

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BLM recreation area, "Cowboy Camp"

One mile south of the intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20.

18 miles west of Williams, CA


There is no cell phone service in camp. 


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