COVID Policies


We will verify proof of FULL VACCINATION or a NEGATIVE test within 72 hours of the event at a checkpoint at the entrance to Cowboy Camp before you will be allowed admittance to base camp.

Responsibilities of Riders & Participants due to COVID:

  1. It is the responsibility of every rider, management, veterinarian and volunteer to be aware of local situations where they are going to ride.

  2. It is the responsibility of any attendee to provide proof of FULL VACCINATION or a NEGATIVE test within 72 hours of arrival at camp. Proof of the vaccination or test will need to be presented in order to enter camp. 

  3. Riders need to stay apprised of Ride Management guidelines provided prior to events (i.e email, text, social media, phone calls) and read all written documentation provided in rider packets to ensure they are complying with all policies.

  4. Riders and all participants attending must comply with Ride Management’s posted guidelines at all times. Failure to do so could put management, volunteers, vets and other riders at risk. Riders who fail to comply with written or verbal guidance may be removed from the event under Rule 12:

    • AERC Rule 12. It is the duty of everyone participating in an endurance ride whether as a rider, crew member, ride official, ride volunteer, control judge or spectator to act in a manner which does not disrupt the ride or reflect poorly on the sport of endurance riding. 12.1 No one participating in an endurance ride shall engage in abusive behavior towards any other participant or member of the public at an endurance ride. Abusive behavior towards people includes but is not limited to:

      • Verbal abuse.

      • Physical assault.

      • Causing or threatening injury.

      • Unreasonably endangering the safety or life of others or their equines.

      • Damaging or trespassing on property.

      • Unsportsmanlike conduct.

      • Conduct prejudicial to the endurance ride or to the sport of endurance riding.

  5. Riders who consistently refuse to follow ride management, AERC, local, state or federal guidelines can be refused entry under Rule 4:

    • AERC Rule 4. Entry to a ride may be refused for cause

  6. Face Masks: If you are not on a horse or at your own trailer, you must have a mask on which covers your mouth and nose. Face masks are required at: all vet exams, P&R box, vet checks, BC presentation and any where around ride management's trailer. Participants must provide their own face masks and carry them on the trail.

  7. Please be considerate of other camp sites and around water troughs and adhere to social distancing standards of AT LEAST 6 feet apart at all times.

  8. Check-in: To the greatest extent possible please maintain 6 ft of distance and wear your mask while we working quickly to get you checked in. 

  9. Ride Meeting: Riders should read all written ride meeting information provided in rider packets or posted and attend the ZOOM rider meeting on Wednesday before the ride. 

  10. Warm up/Start line: Riders will ensure that they maintain minimum spacing requirements at all times.

  11. Pulse Stations: Riders will follow ride guidelines for pulse stations. There may only be one handler per horse and they will stand on the opposite side of the horse at all times.

  12. Vetting: At all times, riders will follow ride manager guidelines for vetting procedures.

    • Each competing horse shall be accompanied throughout the Vet Check by only ONE person, handler, or rider. The handler must wear a mask while presenting the horse to the vet.

    • Social distancing standards shall be observed between all persons within the Vet Check area, as much as is practicable;

    • Riders will stand on the opposite side of the horse from the vet.

    • Crew your horse with attention to social distancing from others.

    • Vet checks operate with sticky notes handed out at the in timer. You must present the sticky note to the P&R person when you pulse and then to the out timer to exit the check.

    • Hay and grain will be provided for horses at Judge Davis. You may send your own crew bag to the check for other supplies.

  13. In/out timing: Riders will space themselves out at in/out timing areas and will follow ride guidelines for checking in/out at holds.

  14. There will be no awards ceremony and only a lunch sandwich will provided by Ride Management at the lunch stop (50 milers), finish for Fun Riders, and out vet check for 25 milers.

  15. You may bring a crew person with you IF: A. YOUR CREW PERSON IS WILLING TO VERIFY PROOF OF FULL VACCINATION OR A NEGATIVE TEST WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE EVENT AT A CHECKPOINT AT THE ENTRANCE TO COWBOY CAMP AS THEY WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CAMP WITHOUT COMPLYING. B. Your crew person is willing to work as a ride volunteer. This person will need to complete the Volunteer Sign Up Form on this website so that we can pre plan who will be where and when.  Your volunteer will receive an instruction packet and a t shirt when you pull up to the “Rider Check In” station on the road into Cowboy Camp.  Please let us know if there is any change in plans for your volunteer, as we really count on our helpers to make this ride flow.  We can handle changes for the week up to the ride, but once we get to the end of the week, we need to be able to count on our ride volunteers to report for duty.  J  Thanks for understanding!


Phone 530-473-5882


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BLM recreation area, "Cowboy Camp"

One mile south of the intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20.

18 miles west of Williams, CA


There is no cell phone service in camp. 


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