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Directions to Base Camp:

From I-5

At Williams, take Hwy 20 West 18 miles to the intersection of Hwy 16. Turn left (South).
Cowboy Camp will be on the right in about a mile.

From Capay Valley

After Rumsey, continue 18 miles North on Hwy 16.
Cowboy Camp will be on the left. If you reach Hwy 20, you have gone too far.

From 101:
Take Hwy 20 East at Ukiah. Take Hwy 16 South towards Rumsey (it will be a right turn). Ride camp is on your right in a mile.


 Directions to Vet Checks:

Confluence (50's only, 1st vet check--NO CREWS allowed)

From Cowboy Camp, travel 5.9 miles South on Hwy. 16. The veterinarian checkpoint parking will be on the right. Pass through the restricted access pipe gate and park in the flat area near Bear Creek. Parking: GPS: N 38.926692° W 122.333013°

Grab your gear, walk up stream and then cross the creek to the veterinarian checkpoint area. Follow Ride Management staff for the best creek crossing..


High Bridge (50's only: 1 hour lunch hold)

From Cowboy Camp, travel 3.2 miles South on Hwy. 16. The parking lot is South of the bridge, on the right side of the road. The veterinarian checkpoint is in the flat area, down the bank, between the parking lot and Bear Creek. Parking GPS: N 38.956807° W 122.343751°


Judge Davis (50's: 3rd vet check, LDs: lunch vet check)

From Cowboy Camp, travel North on Hwy 16 to Hwy. 20. Turn left (West) and travel 6 miles to the Judge Davis Trail Head, on the left. Parking GPS: N 39.008725° W 122.415662° 

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