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Volunteer Information

Volunteers are the life blood of the sport. This sport could not exist without the support of many many volunteers (both horsey and non-horsey).

The ride needs volunteers of all skills in order to operate. Please reach out via the Volunteer Form and we can find something interesting and fun for you.

Pulse & Respiration

Up close and personal with the horses taking heart rate and counting respiration

Volunteer Dinner

Help assemble the volunteer dinner Friday night at 5:30 pm

Vet Scribe

Work aside the veterinarians recording scores on rider cards and learning from the best


Track horses and riders out on the trail. Bring a book, chair & a water bottle to enjoy a day out in nature

In/Out Timer

For the mathematically inclined to record in or out times and release riders onto the trail post stop 

Awards Distribution

Distribute awards Saturday afternoon to finishers 

Volunteer Schedule

volunteers twinning.jpg


Arrive Anytime

2 pm 

Vet-In Begins

7:00 pm

Volunteer Dinner (taco salad) at

Ride Management / Pick Up T-Shirts / Instructions for Saturday

9:00 pm

Lights Out zzzz



5:30 am

Volunteer Breakfast (burritos, muffins, coffee) at Ride Management

6:00 am

Vet Check 1 Crew Departs

6:30 am

Vet Check 2 Crew Departs

9:00 am

Lunch (deli sandwiches) Arrives at VC1/2


25 mile Finish Begins

2:00 pm 

Dinner (chicken) is Served




Plan for very hot days so bring shorts or cool pants, a hat, sunblock, light colors and breathable fabrics. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes (close toed is good, steel toe is better). If you have a watch with a second hand on it, definitely bring it. If you have a great stethoscope, bring that too.



Cowboy Camp is a primitive site. That means toilets are available, but there is no running water or showers. You will want somewhere to sleep (car or tent). Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and some baby wipes to clean up. A chair is always nice to have. If you need any help with the gear side of things, let ride management know and we will help as best we can.



Ride Management has a Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner planned for volunteers. We will also have coolers of water and iced tea available. If you have any dietary restrictions, please give us a heads up to plan accordingly. 

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