Intro Ride 101

What is this event:

The intro ride is offered for riders who would like to sample the "endurance" experience on a short course. The horse will stand for vet check exams and the rider will follow a flagged course with other riders on the course traveling at various speeds. 

Distance: 12 miles (marked as red ribbon, then purple ribbon)

Camping: You may camp overnight at Cowboy Camp or arrive Saturday morning before the ride. 

Start Time: 10 am, check in and vet between 7 am and 9:30 am (no tack on the horse).

Important Things to Know:

- Pre-vetting is required

- No membership is required for the intro ride

-There is no food provided for the intro riders

- All juniors must wear helmets

- All dogs must be leashed

- The ride is on property open to the public. You may see hikers, bikers, riders, dog walkers, etc. Please be courteous to other users - if BLM receives complaints, we may not be invited back.

Entry includes:

- Vet checks (pre and post ride) and completion award. Finish awards are awarded when the horse and rider complete the course and the horse passes the final vet exam judged "fit to continue" with a pulse of 60 beats per minute or lower. 

For questions, email: Jennifer Stalley