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Bar Ale Feed in vet checks makes for happy horses and happy riders!

Chuck checks on water levels in camp. 

Thank You 2021 Sponsors!


Platinum Performance            Echo Valley Ranch   

      Bar Ale Feeds       Mrs. Pasture's Cookies

Crazy Legs Tights         SavMor Foods

     Horse and Rider Wellness Darlene Le Van     Scoot Boots        

Blissful Equine           Renegade Hoof Boots    Emily Equine Creations

 Performance Horse Supplements


Click for a link to their websites!



Blissful Equine: Every registered rider receives a coupon for $25 off their horse's first bodywork session!

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Echo Valley Ranch is sponsored our first junior to enter the 2021 ride!

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Someone is sneaking into the bag for more Bar Ale feed!

Yocha Dehe's rescue team on site in case of emergency. 

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