The Trail

2021 Changes: 

50 milers will have their lunch vet check back at camp (not at High Bridge).


The trail is well maintained with beautiful footing. You will experience vistas from the ridge of surrounding mountains and of Bear Creek and Cache Creek. It is challenging and weather can be hot. There are creek crossings periodically along the trail depending on the amount of spring rain. This is our second year of drought in a row and the ponds are now dry.  Ride Management, ie Chuck Stalley and his hard working crew of Greg King and Tony Benedetti, will haul water into the middle of the ranch to fill the troughs at key intersections and along the trail, but it is critical that you are only use the water for drinking and do not splash or drench your horses.


There are three vet checks on the 50 mile ride--the first is at the Confluence, lunch for the 50 milers is back at camp, and the last check is out at Judge Davis. The 25 mile ride has one vet check at Judge Davis. 

The intro ride is 12 miles long; it starts and ends in camp. There is one number taker on the loop to track your progress. Always state your number loudly and clearly. Be extra cautious if you tend to be dyslexic.

Avenza Map App

Download Maps to Avenza here:

Be sure to download them before you to come to the ride while you still have service. 


Phone 530-473-5882


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BLM recreation area, "Cowboy Camp"

One mile south of the intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20.

18 miles west of Williams, CA


There is no cell phone service in camp. 


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