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Junior Riders, the Future of the Sport!

Junior riders are celebrated at Cache Creek! We follow all the AERC rules around juniors; we recommend visiting to catch up on those rules and regulations. 

To make it just a little more fun, each junior rider receives a coupon in their rider packet to redeem after the ride for custom stickers designed to look exactly like your horse!


To encourage even more learning and experience, we offer a junior best condition competition. If you are one of the first 10 junior riders to finish in your distance (25 or 50), then you have the privilege to present to the head vet 1 hour after your finish for Best Condition consideration. We offer a custom embroidered Best Condition award blanket to the 50 mile JR BC winner!  The junior 25 mile BC winner will receive a halter and lead with a personalized halter plate attached. 

We have a SafeSport representative at the ride: Chuck Stalley.

Photo: Lilly Jolly and her Paso Fino pony Latte, winners of the Jr Best Condition Award in the 25 mile ride in 2022.

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We started as juniors in the sport too. Let us know how we can help!


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